Couch Knight

Who is Couch Knight?

Brandon V.

I am a creative. With some skill in many things, yet has not invested the time to master a single one.

I have been using MidjourneyAI to create some spectacular things. It truly makes me wonder at those who can create this kind of work with their very hands. My mind is always thinking, always creating.

I don’t just make this art just to say “Behold, I have made the art!” AI is just a tool after all, and I use that tool for a step in creation that I sometimes struggle with. What you do with that art is something else.

Here are a few projects that I have worked on. Most if not all of them incomplete. Most if not all of them, may never be so.

An unofficial game studio, under which I have created several game types. Card, board, video.



Campfire Story was my most complete game to date, a card game about campfire survival. Unfortunately a lot of source files were lost recently.

Campfire Story

The Estate was fun to work on. Using GBStudio I was able to make a point and click game for the Gameboy! Sadly when transitioning to GBS 3.0 a lot of files were corrupted, you can check out a brief demo here!


The Estate

Interested in Bong Shamanism? Check out the Ript of Protection!

Click here!